Stories of Love Collection I & II


Two timeless tales of love told with character voices and music on 12-string guitar and modally-tuned Celtic harp. The Dame Ragnell, an Arthurian love story of beauty and ugliness from the Middle Ages in England, and The Crane Wife, a tale of need, trust and magic from ancient Japan.


The Dame Ragnell

“What does a woman desire most?” asks a knight of King Arthur, who will die if he does not answer correctly in a year’s time. Arthur turns to Sir Gawain, the handsomest of the Knights of the Round Table, to help him find the elusive answer. It turns out only the Dame Ragnell, a woman hideous beyond belief, knows the answer. Her price: Gawain must marry her. And in this moving tale of loyalty, love and appearances, he does.


The Crane Wife

A lonely sail maker rescues a white crane in a storm and sets her free. Soon after, a mysterious young woman arrives at his door and moves in, becoming his wife. To lift them from poverty, she begins to weave magic sails behind a screen, telling him never to look at her as she works. At first he complies, but when greed replaces love, all is lost.


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