Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure


King Geoffrey the One-Eye, an aging T-Rex, stumbles into the Sea Forest and only Old Wrinkles the triceratops knows how fierce he once was. But when Little Proto is grabbed by a pteranodon and flown far away, it’s up to King Geoffrey and Old Wrinkles to save him. Meanwhile, Proto meets Bump the orphan dino and they encounter the Great Migration herd. But out on the Sea of Grass where they’re about to go, hunting tyrannosaurs await them all.

A feature-length dinosaur story for children 5 & up written and performed by Odds Bodkin. This award-winning audio combines character voices, vocal effects and music on 12-string guitar. It features 4 Odds Bodkin songs: Look Around; You’ll Never Know; Vanished One-Horned King; and Going Home.






Little Proto is a young protoceratops who lives sixty-seven million years ago at the edge of an inland sea in what is now Montana. Stories about him by Odds Bodkin are for children ages 4 and up and feature characters, 12-string guitar music, songs and dinosaur vocal effects. Children play them over and over, and often fall asleep listening to them.


Now friends with Old Wrinkles, Proto comes upon a starving T-Rex in the Sea Forest, a place that’s usually safe from predators. He’s King Geoffrey the One Eye, says Old Wrinkles. Now old, helpless and lost, Geoffrey once hunted on the Sea of Grass, but he swears off eating dinos and promises to eat fish if they’ll just feed him. Meanwhile, Proto is jealous of his new baby sister who’s about to hatch and decides to run away from home. However, after Old Wrinkles sings him a song about parents and growing families, Proto feels bad and heads home. Unfortunately, a pteranodon swoops him away before he can go back to say he’s sorry. Wrinkles and Geoffrey, the two grumpy old dinos but former warriors, set off to rescue him. Having escaped, but far from home, Proto meets Bump, an orphan, and they come upon a Great Migration of plant eaters heading out across the Sea of Grass. The herd sings of the Vanished One-Horned King, a triceratops who left them long ago after showing them how to defend themselves. Just as Proto dashes out to save a baby from hunting Tyrannosaurs, a mighty roar shakes the sky. It’s King Geoffrey with Old Wrinkles. They’ve found Proto at last. The herd thinks Old Wrinkles is the Vanished One-Horn King, but he won’t admit it. Inviting Bump to come live with them, Proto and the others sing a final joyous song, “Going Home.”

WINNER: Parents’ Choice Gold Award


73 minutes

71 mb



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