The Earthstone: A Musical Adventure Story


During an argument about what to watch, Charlie and his sister are sucked into their TV. Finding themselves ankle-deep in dust on a lifeless desert, Gracie and her brother see a wall of flashing lights and run for it. They are in a fantastical world where a Castle of a Thousand Lights is rolling into the Ancient Forest, eating it for fuel. Somewhere deep in the forest is something a bunch of crazy animals worship––the Earthstone, the source of “lifebeams”––and the Castle is getting close. Only the animals fighting to survive can teach Gracie and Charlie what they need to learn about Nature and themselves, and then get them back home.

This 2-hour musical, first broadcast by National Public Radio for Earth Day, features child actors and singers, many Odds Bodkin characters and nine fully-arranged original songs.





Odds Bodkin’s original 2-hour musical in four acts, funded and broadcast by National Public Radio, is an audio production complete with narration, child actors, Foley effects in soundbeds and a full musical score, including nine Odds Bodkin songs.

A young brother and sister with very different attitudes about living things are flung into a wild adventure where they meet the Clockmaker––a madman who runs the Castle of a Thousand Lights. Fed by logs carried by robots, this city on wheels runs relentlessly into a forest, leaving behind it a Desert of No Life at All. Renegade animals who live in the forest––Pangutangs, Morphs, the Elephant of Surprise––see the world around them dying and fight to protect an old rock on a hill they call the Earthstone, the source of “lifebeams.”

Cast: Nathan Vinhatiero as Charlie, Clara Sturgess as Gracie, Amy Golding as Gracie during songs, Robin Fitzgerald as Mom, Arthur Pettee as Dad and Odds Bodkin as the Narrator, WindVoices, The Bird, Mola the Pangutang, Ogtood the Morph, Crannywinkle, The Clockmaker, The Elephant of Surprise. Musical arrangements and performances by Mitch Chakour and Odds Bodkin. Foley Effects and Sound Environments by Chris Hardee and Steve Bressler.

Songs: My House; An Answer for Everything; Eye of a Storm; Lift the Logs, Feed the Fire; Something is Calling; Save a Little Room; Soon in Your Lifetime; Elephant’s Door; Half-Human.

2 hours

161 mb


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