The Adventures of Little Proto

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Little Proto the dinosaur is on an adventure to Magnolia Island when he meets Old Broken Horn the triceratops. Full of stories and songs, the old dino accepts the name Old Wrinkles from his new friend Proto. Soon velociraptors discover the secret island and Old Wrinkles saves Proto’s life as they escape to the Sea Forest. With nowhere to go, Old Wrinkles decides to live with Proto’s family.

A 52-minute dinosaur story for children written and performed by Odds Bodkin. The audio combines character voices, vocal effects and music on 12-string guitar and features 4 Odds Bodkin songs: So Far, So Good; I Am an Old Dino; Listening for the Life; and Silver Lining.






Little Proto is a young protoceratops who lives sixty-seven million years ago at the edge of an inland sea in what is now Montana. Stories about him by Odds Bodkin are for children ages 4 and up and feature characters, 12-string guitar music, songs and dinosaur vocal effects. Children play them over and over, and often fall asleep listening to them.


As he sings a song, Proto ventures in search of food to Magnolia Island, but he’s afraid he’ll bump into Broken Horn the Triceratops, a mysterious old dino who lives alone. But the wise island dweller is gentle and full of stories, it turns out, and after they run from a falling meteorite, he accepts Proto’s new name for him, Old Wrinkles. Safe in his cave, they sing a song of friendship and Proto promises to visit again. At home, he tells Plessy and Ankles, his best friends, about his adventure and sings a happy song about life in the Sea Forest. But when he returns to Old Wrinkles’ island, velociraptors spot them from the far shore. Old Wrinkles defends Proto and they escape the island, but the fast-running gang now knows about Old Wrinkles’ secret home, and so Proto invites him to live with his family in the Sea Forest. Life reveals a silver lining, and the great friendship between Old Wrinkles and Little Proto begins. They sing a final duet.


52 minutes


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  1. MJ

    My sons loved listening to Little Proto stories when we would travel in the car. They recommended it for someone who is 7 years old – and it is about 10 years later.

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