The Dame Ragnell: Stories of Love


King Arthur and Sir Gawain must answer a question to save the King’s life: “What does a woman desire most?” Only the hideous Dame Ragnell knows the answer and Gawain must promise to marry her before she tells. He suffers through her belches and nose crumbs at the wedding until he takes her to bed. The astonishing truth she reveals both overjoys him and answers the mysterious question.


AGES 11 & UP




“Love, ’tis a weed lest it’s an oak.” So begins Odds Bodkin’s version of this famous medieval love story, brought to life with a 12-string guitar score and character voices for King Arthur, Sir Gawain, the Dame Ragnell and others. Contains slightly mature themes. Suitable for listeners 11 & up.

47 minutes

45 mb


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