Epic Drive (Core Audio Recordings)

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18 full-length storytelling albums with character voices, amazing natural sound effects and original music! Experience a master storyteller’s musical tales for ages four to forever!


“We are very happy to receive our epic drive stories. Our kids were raised on these stories since they were tots. Our family custom during the winter is to gather around a warm wood stove with a hot cup of latte and share time together listening to books and doing artful projects. When I asked the family what they would like to listen to this season, my husband and kids (now teenagers) asked if we could listen to Odds Bodkin stories again. So, thanks for all the years of good story telling! We will enjoy hearing it all again.”

Warm Thanks, Nuki Vaillancourt, November 2021


Odds’ core storytelling collection, featuring fairy tales and originals for kids, coming-of-age stories for teens, and epics for adults!  All Odds Bodkin’s award-winning stories are here. Just plug in your Epic Drive and you’ll be immersed in magical worlds created by your imagination. The collection includes 18 full-length storytelling albums with cover art.

Awards: Parents’ Choice Gold, Indie, Golden Headset, Storytelling World, Dove Foundation, Publishers Weekly’s Listen Up Award for Best Audio and other national media awards, this is music-filled storytelling at its finest.


The Adventures of Little Proto

Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure

Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire

The Teacup Fairy

The Evergreens

With Twinkle in your Eye

Rip Roarin’ Paul Bunyan Tales

The Winter Cherries

The Blossom Tree

The Wise Little Girl

The Earthstone: An Eco-Musical

The Odyssey: An Epic Telling

Giant’s Cauldron

The Hidden Grail

Stories of Love

David and Goliath

Beowulf: The Only One

The Myth of Hercules

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1 review for Epic Drive (Core Audio Recordings)

  1. Justina Burnett

    This is amazing!!! I love these stories, and it is so worth the price!

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