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from Odds Bodkin’s original epic poem, The Water Mage’s Daughter:

“Faith is a magic, small but strong.
It eddies near the edge of Fate,
That vast current that flows along
In whorling fortunes, never straight.
Unstoppable as Fate may be,
It sometimes senses Faith’s small charm
Aswirl at its periphery,
And for its use breaks off some harm
That otherwise stood in our way.”


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Mastering the art of storytelling has been a lifelong pursuit for Odds and he has become a storyteller like no other. Not only does he tell captivating stories, but he sets them to music from multiple instruments (see the live instruments right here on this page!) but he also incorporates a wide variety of sound effects. His performances dazzle children, teens & adults alike. We hope to see you at a performance soon!