Beginner Drive (Ages 4-7)


The New York Times calls Odds Bodkin “a consummate storyteller.” Now you can introduce your young child to this master talesman’s classic albums of gentle nature tales, musical dinosaur adventures, American folktales, rollicking fairy tales and Far East wisdom stories. Live music on 12-string guitars, Celtic harp, alto recorder, piano and other instruments flavor each audio tale, adding to his fun voices and natural vocal sound effects. Enrich your child’s imagination and character with these award-winning audios. You’ll enjoy them, too!

Includes numerous Parents’ Choice Gold Award winning audios.

Stories that will get your family talking, laughing and reflecting on growing up. You can listen to audio samples of these albums here at our store.



Beginner Drive (Ages 4-7)

The Adventures of Little Proto: A Musical Dinosaur Story

Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure: A Musical Dinosaur Story

Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire: A Musical Dinosaur Story

The Teacup Fairy: Very Old Tales for Very Young Children

The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature

With Twinkle in your Eye: Funny Folktales from Everywhere

Rip Roarin’ Paul Bunyan Tales

The Winter Cherries: Holiday Tales from Around the World

The Blossom Tree: Tales from the Far East


All albums in mp3 format.













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