When a Goddess Loves a Nerd

Let’s say you’re an impoverished and lonely sail maker in ancient Japan. No woman will even look at you, much less fall in love with you, much less toil up the cliffs to your hovel overlooking the salt marsh to give it a try. Nope, you’re an involuntary celibate, doomed to a life of loneliness.

But then, on the wings of a storm, magic blows into your world. The wind slams it into your front door and knocks it unconscious, leaving it there. It’s a white crane. An injured, delicate bird.

Ah, but it’s not, of course. It’s a goddess, and you, the nerd who nurses it back to health, are about to become the luckiest man on earth…

Come hear The Crane Wife and another love story for Valentine’s Day this coming Sunday, Feb. 10 at 5 pm at Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square. This one is scored with pentatonic Celtic harp. The other tale is scored with 12-string guitar.


Odds Bodkin

A Valentine’s Day Adult Storytelling



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