Grendel’s Mother is Definitely Not Angelina Jolie in BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE

(a video of “Beowulf’s Theme” played by Odds Bodkin)

In Robert Zemeckis’s animated movie version of Beowulf, Angelina Jolie plays Grendel the monster’s mother. She is gold-skinned and womanly, a tip of the hat to Hollywood’s worship of the female form. Not only that, the she-demon’s voice is soft and seductive as she bewitches the men around her.

None of these scenes appear in the 1,000 A.D. Viking story, originally set down in Old English.

In the version of Beowulf I’ll be telling this coming Sunday on Harvard Square, like the monster Grendel himself, his mother is immense, wolf-like and anything but seductive. In fact, she’s terrifying. Creating a voice for her drags me to an extremity of dramatic expression I seldom visit in my right mind. Grendel the wolf-demon isn’t easy to voice either, roaring and slavering as he does; he has no language and speaks exclusively in aggressive animal tones. I just disappear and let him growl.

Both characters give me the willies, but this brand of storytelling—enacting characters—means I can’t legitimately leave them out of this wondrous old story. The human voices––Beowulf, Hrothgar and others––are much easier to embody.

In the past my storytelling style has been characterized as “over the top.” In the case of this tale, I’m afraid there’s no escaping it.

Beowulf: The Only One, a feature-length imagination entertainment for adults. Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at Grendel’s Den, Cambridge MA.

An adult performance. Not recommended for children.

Tickets are here.

BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE Adult Storytelling on Sunday March 4

First, little-known Viking lore accompanied with Celtic harp, and then BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE, my storyteller’s version of the classic tale of a hero battling man-eating monsters. With a haunting score on 12-string guitar, I’ll narrate and create voices for Beowulf, King Hrothgar, Grendel the monster and his mother, and other characters.

It’s filled with a humor and terrifying tension that cleaves closely to the original tale.

Here’s a sample of the show:

Tickets are $10, $13 at the door.

The show is at Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar in Nashua, NH. Sunday March 4, 2018 at 7 p.m.