The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: A Gentle Nature Tale


Along with a tree, a young woman of the Cloud People falls from the sky onto the Earth, still covered with nothing but water. A Great Turtle lets her climb upon his back and asks the water animals to dive down to bring up some cloud soil from the tree’s roots. Many try and fail, until a little frog does it. The cloud soil grows on the Turtle’s back to become North America, or as the Algonquin call it, Turtle Island.

Performed with character voices and music on 12-string guitar.





The Algonquin, a Native American Northeast Woodlands tribe, believed that underneath North America there floated a Great Turtle who supported the continent. As with many origin myths, they assumed that the first humans came from the sky, in this case from the Cloud People. Many creation myths specify a male creator of things, but in this story a young woman brings about the creation of the forests, lakes, rivers and mountains.


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