The Buffalo’s Wife


When the buffalo herd stays away and her village goes hungry, a young woman swears she’ll marry a buffalo to save her people. The Great Buffalo agrees, but when she disappears into the herd with him her father goes to find her. After the Great Buffalo tramples him to death, only the young woman’s magic chant can bring him back to life.

An intense Blackfoot Native American tale told with character voices, bird whistle effects and music on tom-tom.





The Blackfoot fed themselves by luring buffalo into a “piskun,” a corral with a cliff at the end, where the buffalo would fall and be butchered for meat, tools and clothing. Often the people’s only source of food, if the buffalo herds stayed away from the piskun, then starvation soon followed. This elemental tale recounts the myth of a young woman who marries the Great Buffalo to save her people and brings her father back from the dead with her powerful medicine. Astonished by her sacred song, the Great Buffalo teach the Blackfoot the Buffalo Dance.


14 minutes

20 mb


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