Voyage of the Waistgold: An Untrue Tale in Doggerel Rhyme


Studio Audio (2 hrs 44 minutes)

In his new original feature-length tale, Odds Bodkin performs the voice of Phineas Krull, a rhyme-obsessed pirate captain, who at first blush is filled only with murderous intent. But even the hardest of hearts can be melted.


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A highly intelligent but murderous pirate steals a dark sloop to complete his mysterious life’s mission. That The Waistgold’s wheel is encrusted with gems and her decks are fine parquetry, well, that’s stunning enough. But when the hard-swearing Phineas Krull learns that The Waistgold cannot sink—even when upside down in the sea—he marvels at this ship’s magical construction. It’s a wonder. But who built this strange craft? It’s only after he discovers a blood-soaked journal and learns about the young queen who built The Waistgold—and that she’s probably coming after him–that his wonder turns to worry.

Written in pirate patois, Voyage of the Waistgold is Odds Bodkin’s original story written in pulsing doggerel rhyme. Quite profane, it’s told from the pirate’s first-person view. Somewhere between Jonathan Swift’s cutting social commentary and William Burroughs’ drug-addled visions, this at times humorous, at times shocking high fantasy tale is for mature adults only.


Contains violence, sexual themes, drugs and profanity. Not for children.



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