The Wildest Fairytale Ever: The Little Shepherd


The Little Shepherd breaks the eggs in an old witch’s basket and she casts a spell on him: he’ll never grow an inch until he meets Lovely Bargalina of the Three Singing Apples. Off he sets on a wild adventure, meeting a Teacup Fairy, a talkative fox, an old man putting fog into a bag and the scary witch who guards the apples in a crystal cage. Filled with high-energy 12-string guitar, vivid vocal effects and crazy character voices, this Italian fairytale delivers surprises at every turn.





Filled with whistling melodies, false endings and unexpected transformations, this 25-minute fairytale is ideal listening for children 5 & up. Characters include the Little Shepherd, bridge fairies in a teacup and a walnut shell, hundreds of soldiers, singing apples, two witches, an ogre who sings terribly, a fox who runs a mill, an old man who gathers fog from a lake, the Little Shepherd’s worried mother and tiny-voiced Lovely Bargaglina. Non-stop laughter, suspense and adventure pour from this classic Italian fairytale.


25 minutes

36 mb




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