The Rage of Hercules


Trapped in the Underworld after his untimely death, the hero Hercules has a choice. Either tell his life story to Hades and his reluctant wife, Persephone, who longs for stories, or remain here and never ascend to Mount Olympus. Powerless despite his strength, he agrees and begins this 100 minute epic story. He recounts his youthful bullying and the madness that drove him to murder his young family. Cast out of society, he learns that to be free of his guilt he must perform 12 impossible Labors. Killing the Nemean Lion and the Hydra. Driving off Birds of Brass. Cleaning vast stables in one day. Capturing man-eating mares. Slogging through victories and humiliations.

With character voices for Hercules, Hades, Persephone and many others, vocal effects for imagery and a score on 12-string guitar, Odds Bodkin delivers a powerful anti-bullying message in this national award-winning entertainment.


AGES 12 & UP


Recommended for listeners 12 & up, this AudioWorld’s Golden Headset Award winning recording not only explores the genuine myth of Hercules, including when he lived for three years as a woman, it also delves deeply into the wondrous imaginative world of the ancient Greeks. Originally commissioned by The Art Institute of Chicago where Odds performed it many times, it has spellbound men and youth––boys and girls––in California prisons as well as middle and high school audiences across America. It delivers the message that violence can pass from one’s soul.

Natural vocal effects include swamp crickets, a bull’s bellow, stag hooves, Hydra hisses, club blows and galloping centaurs. Characterizations include Hercules, Hades, Persephone, Iolus, Eurystheus of Mycenae, Pholus the Centaur, Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons, Atlas the Titan and Zeus Kronion.

100 minutes in 21 episodes

95 mb


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