The Odyssey Collection I, II, III & IV



Odds Bodkin’s epic telling of Homer’s great classic is four hours of mythic adventure, monsters and magic. Told live in the studio without scripts or multi-tracking and scored live with 12-string guitar and Celtic harp, The Odyssey features 37 characters, vocal effects and narrative. 8-year-olds through adults will enjoy this unique contribution to the storyteller’s art. Journey with iron-willed Odysseus in his ten year struggle to return to his wife and son from a war he tried to avoid. Listen how despite storms, cyclopses, cannibals, angry gods and jealous enchantresses, he finally arrives home.

Winner of The Oppenheim Platinum Award for Best Audio.

Winner of The Education Source Top Ten Award


AGES 10 & UP


Get all four hour-long Odyssey mega-epsides in a single collection & save!

  • The Odyssey Collection I: From Troy to the Cyclops’ Cave
  • The Odyssey Collection II: From Aeolia and Circe to Land of the Dead
  • The Odyssey Collection III: From the Sirens and Calypso to Takeover on Ithaca
  • The Odyssey Collection IV: From Nausicaa and Battle in the Hall to Homecoming

WINNER: The Oppenheim Platinum Award for Best Audio


42 episodes

4 hours 8 minutes

360 mb


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