The Little Proto Trilogy I, II & III


The complete Little Proto Trilogy: The Adventures of Little Proto, Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure and Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire. Three musical adventure stories with 12 original songs.






Little Proto is a young protoceratops who lives sixty-seven million years ago at the edge of an inland sea in what is now Montana. Stories about him by Odds Bodkin are for children ages 4 and up and feature characters, 12-string guitar music, songs and dinosaur vocal effects. Children play them over and over, and often fall asleep listening to them.

The Little Proto Trilogy begins with The Adventures of Little Proto. We meet him again a year later in Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure. Another year passes and a dry summer brings about the events in Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire.

Against the backdrop of fun, exciting adventures, the stories also address inter-generational friendship, sibling rivalry in growing families, inclusiveness despite disabilities, love of the earth and loyalty to friends.


3 hrs 20 min

192 mb



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