The Harper and the King: The Story of David and Goliath


Alone in the hills, a shepherd boy named David dreams up poems to God, which will someday become the Psalms. In the Valley of Elah, a war of survival reaches stalemate and King Saul is mad with fear that God has abandoned him. Meanwhile, the Philistine king has convinced his prized freak, Goliath, to step forth and challenge the Jews to single combat.

“With nothing more than his guitar and voice, Odds Bodkin manages to paint a scene more captivating than much of what you see on the big screen.” —Detroit Jewish News

WINNER: Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Storytelling World Award, Dove Foundation Award




Using character voices for David, Saul, Goliath, David’s father Jesse, the Philistine King and others, Odds Bodkin tells this vivid and compelling story from the Torah and the Bible’s Old Testament. While naturally-created vocal effects evoke David’s whirling sling and bleating lambs, a haunting score on 12-string guitar deepens the sometimes raw, sometimes beautiful emotions at work in this hour-long tale about the clash between peoples, and how the meek can overcome the strong.

Suitable for older children, teens and adults.

WINNER of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, The Storytelling World Award and the Dove Foundation Award.

60 minutes

57 mb




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