The Water Mage’s Daughter: An Epic Poem


“the words were singing in my head…”

“it’s fun, it’s heroic, it’s a little sexy, a little violent — and it makes you use your mind.” –William T. Paarlberg, Artist and Designer, Kittery Point, ME

“To his enormous credit, Mr. Bodkin’s verse works…the rhythmic rhyming lines soon work their own magic on the reader and create a hypnotic attachment to the story…This work is nothing like anything else you will find.” –Professor Martha Taylor, Chair of Classics, Loyola University Maryland

“He had me hooked from the outset, and I could “hear” the storyteller reciting his tale aloud, despite the fact that I was merely reading words on a page. Not since Chaucer and John Gower have I been so charmed by the form.”–Christopher Martin, International Shakespearean Director, Actor and Translator, NYC

“… a tremendously gripping read…I purchased the book, downloaded it, and then found myself unable to put it down. The timing and word selection in the verse made it seem as though the words were singing in my head.” –Dean Emmerson, Director of Technology, Bath Schools, Bath, ME

The download includes a free 18-page glossary of the many little-known and archaic words found in the text.





In a world controlled by harsh ocean wizards, men who forswear having children, a daughter is born to one who commits the heresy of falling in love. Banished, he raises his child alone until at the age of eighteen, she meets a young man fleeing a different, but equally unforgivable crime. While she swears vengeance for her mother’s murder, he must undo his sin against Nature and regain a lost kingdom. Together they change the world from the Law of One to The Law of Two.

The length of Homer’s The Odyssey, Odds Bodkin’s fantasy poem is composed in doggerel rhyme–eight syllables per line. There are 13,000 lines, give or take. It features three Canticles, or long songs, each composed in a different rhyme scheme.

Each Canticle features 30 or more Cantos, or chapters, to tell the tale.

13,000 lines

512 pages

2.1MB PDF (e-Book)

Glossary 623 K





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