The African Tree’s Name: A Gentle Nature Tale


All the animals are hungry and thirsty on the African savanna and there’s a magical tree with giant fruits that will drop them if its name is spoken. A chief who dwells over the mountain knows the name, and so many animals go, hear the name, but forget it on the way back. Only a little tortoise, small and slow, has the patience and compassion to remember the name and save the animals.

A Bantu tale told with character voices, vocal effects of wind and water droplets, and musicon African thumb piano.





The Tree of Life is an ancient archetype that finds expression in many human cultures. In this sweet and amusing Bantu tale from Africa, the tree is quite literally what can save the troupe of hungry, thirsty animals. First the kudu, then the zebra, and even the proud lion go on the mission to learn its name, but each is distracted by something on the way back. The tale speaks to the power of memory and concentration, since at the end the animals make the little tortoise their chief, not because he is big or fast, but because he can remember.

Odds Bodkin uses this story often in his GOLDEN RULE anti-bullying performances for K-2.


13 minutes

12 mb


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