Master Drive (Complete Works)


The New York Times calls Odds Bodkin “a consummate storyteller” and Billboard Magazine calls him “a modern-day Orpheus.” Now you can experience this author and musical master talesman’s awarding-winning audio, video and literary creations–his entire storyography with unreleased works, including original music, and The Water Mage’s Daughter: An Epic Poem. Start a family legacy of listening and imagining in a unique world of spoken-word and music. Stories for children, teens, young adults and mature listeners (all age-organized). You’ll find classic myths, legends, wisdom tales, and epics curated from around the world, plus original creations told with music, character voices and uncanny sound effects, all created by one gifted artist.

The Master Drive features Odds Bodkin’s epic poem, The Water Mage’s Daughter, a 13,000-line verse work that tells a gripping tale and features numerous word puzzles you can follow on Odds Bodkin’s blog. “The words were singing in my head,” writes one reviewer while another says, “He had me hooked from the outset, and I could ‘hear’ the storyteller reciting his tale aloud, despite the fact that I was merely reading words on a page.”


Master Drive (Complete Works of Odds Bodkin) includes content from all drives, plus rare, unreleased works!


The Adventures of Little Proto (audio)

Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure (audio)

Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire (audio)

The Teacup Fairy: Very Old Tales for Very Young Children (audio)

The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature (audio)

With Twinkle in your Eye: Funny Folktales from Everywhere (audio)

Rip Roarin’ Paul Bunyan Tales (audio)

The Winter Cherries: Holiday Tales from Around the World (audio)

The Blossom Tree: Tales from the Far East (audio)

The Wise Little Girl: Tales of the Feminine (audio)

Earthstone: The Eco-Musical (2 hour audio)

The Odyssey: An Epic Telling (4 hour audio)

Giant’s Cauldron: Viking Myths of Adventure (audio)

Hidden Grail: Sir Percival and the Fisher King (90 minute audio)

Stories of Love (audio)

David and Goliath: The Harper and the King (audio)

The Myth of Hercules (audio)


Plus Rare Unreleased Works:

Beowulf: The Only One (live audio recording)

The Iliad: Book I (50-minute video)

The Water Mage’s Daughter: a 13,000-line epic poem. (PDF e-book)


Plus Odds Bodkin’s Original Musical Compositions on Acoustic Instruments and Kurzweil synthesizer:

Rapunzel’s Window

At Beauty’s Door

Black Irish

Soft-Hearted Men in the Good Old USA

Little Paws

Christmas Morning

The Great Irish Elk


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