The Hidden Grail: A King Arthur Tale


King Arthur doesn’t know him. No one at Camelot does. The boy doesn’t know his own name and dresses like a clown. Yet his destiny is to become a famous knight, find the Grail and make the Wasteland bloom. Humor, adventure and myth combine in this coming of age story. Scored with 12-string guitar and Celtic harp.

Winner of the Indie Award for Children’s Storytelling and Publishers’ Weekly’s Listen Up Award for Best Audio.

“one of the best kids’ spoken-word recordings we’ve heard.”–Billboard Magazine




With 12-string guitar, interludes on Celtic harp and a host of voices, Odds Bodkin tells this 90-minute adventure story from the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Based on the early Welsh legend of the Grail––a miraculous bowl filled with life force––it tells of Percival, the country boy who becomes a knight errant in all the wrong ways. Constantly misreading situations and clumsy with women, he bungles his way into knighthood until he comes upon a Wasteland. In its mysterious disappearing castle lives the Fisher King who, wounded long ago, is a Grail Guardian who cannot heal. Little does Percival know that his destiny can only be fulfilled by growing up, understanding women and controlling his immense strength.


90 minutes

85 mb


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