Giant’s Cauldron II: The Mead of Poetry


Two evil dwarfs have brewed the blood of Odin’s best friend into a mead of poetry and wisdom. But already the cauldrons filled with the magic drink have changed hands. Now guarded by a giantess beneath a mountain, the Allfather can’t get at them unless he takes the form of a man, works for a year, and seduces the deadly giantess. A 28-minute tale told with 12-string guitar and a host of giant voices.





In Norse mythology, Odin is the Allfather, the mightiest of the Gods of Asgard. We derive our word Wednesday from “Wotan’s Day”––Wotan is the Germanic name for Odin. In this tale, Kvasir, a new god who is trusting, friendly and wise, is murdered by two dwarf brothers, Fjalar and Galar, who take his blood and brew from it a mead of poetry and wisdom. One sip and knowledge fills one’s mind. But they trade it for their lives to Suttung, a giant, who sets his dangerous daughter Gunlod to guard it in a hollowed-out mountain. Odin hears that Suttung is bragging about a mead made from Kvasir’s blood, and decides to return his friend’s essence to Asgard by stealing the mead. But Odin must transform into a man, work for a year for another giant, and brave Gunlod’s cave in order to do it.

Scored with 12-string guitar, the tale features vocal effects and character voices for Kvasir, Fjalar and Galar, Odin, Gunlod and the dishonest giant Bauge.


28 minutes

41 mb


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