Giant’s Cauldron I: Thor Against the Frost Giants


Worried about giant magic, Thor brings Loki on his strength-proving journey to Utgard, the city of the Frost Giants. But once there, both gods fall victims to illusions and come to doubt their supernatural powers. A 37-minute tale told with 12-string guitar and character voices.





Thor, from whom we get the word for Thursday, or Thor’s Day, is the Norse god of thunder. Carrying Mjolnir, his hammer, he’s a terror to the Frost Giants. A bit slow in the wits department, however, he invites Loki, the god of mischief, to accompany him to Jotunheim in case the giants try any magic. In this tale, however, both are outwitted by Utgarde Loke, the Frost Giant king with countless frustrating spells. The two gods also bring Thialfe, a mortal boy and his sister Raska on the journey.

Includes character voices for Thor, Loki, Thialfe, Skrymnir and Utgarde Loke.

37 minutes

54 mb


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