Dark Tales of the Supernatural




The Storm Breeder: A New England Ghost Legend
The Demon Heads: A Samurai Horror Tale
Treasure Trove: A Tale from Russia’s Serfs
The Infallible Doctor: A Latvian Death Story


The Panther Boys: A Chinese Lycanthropic Tale.
Over an hour and a half of elegant horror stories that build to terrifying endings. Odds Bodkin creates a dramatic musical score for each tale, playing his 12-string guitars and Celtic harp. Vivid character voices and sounds make you feel as if you are inside a very scary movie.

Recommended for ages 11 and up. No sexual content.

108 minutes



Scary stories are fun, and since these tales are really scary, they’re really fun. At least if you’re not faint-hearted. Odds has been telling these stories for years during the Halloween season, and audiences love the authentic details in the stories and the build-up of emotions they create.
So buckle up and get ready for: a New England legend about an undead man who is chased by thunderstorms; a Samurai turned priest whose only defense against forest demons is his prayers; a vengeance tale of the Tsarist serfs; and a first-time father who meets Death, who, instead of taking the father away, has a strange request.
In each of these tales you’ll find plenty of humor and, well, plenty of horror.
•The Storm Breeder. Taylor 12-string guitar. 30 minutes.
•The Demon Heads. Ro Ho 12-string guitar in Japanese diatonic tuning. 30 minutes.
•Treasure Trove. Ron Ho 12-string guitar in open E flat tuning. 15 minutes.
•The Infallible Doctor. Dusty Strings Celtic harp. 20 minutes.


•The Panther Boys. Alto recorder. 13 Minutes


108 minutes

275 mb


© 2022 Odds Bodkin/J.M Bodkin. All rights reserved.


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