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The perfect family gift of listening, the All Collections Bundle includes all 10 Story Collections in one, easy-to-buy bundle. From The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature for ages 4 & up to Stories of Love teens and adults will enjoy, here are audio tales that will enrich your family’s togetherness. Plus enjoy The Myth of Hercules, David and Goliath, and The Hidden Grail as FREE BONUS GIFTS!

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Giant's Cauldron I & II

The Giant's Cauldron Saga, parts I & II explores the Viking Myths of Thor Against the Frost Giants and The Mead of Poetry. You get them both & save $.50 over buying them individually! Enjoy this epic series by Master Storyteller, Odds Bodkin!


Funny Folktales from Everywhere Collection I, II, III & IV

Get all 4 Funny Folktales from Everywhere in a single collection and save! Includes: The Elf of Springtime; The Rahjah’s Question; The Wily African Messenger and The Rock n roll Three Little Pigs.


Paul Bunyan Tall Tales Collection I, II & III

Get all 3 Paul Bunyan Tall Tales in a single collection and save!


Holiday Tales Collection I, II, III & IV

54 minutes of warm family listening for the Holidays. An Arthurian legend, a Jewish folktale, a German folktale and an Odds Bodkin original song/poem.


The Blossom Tree Collection I, II, III & IV

Four tales from the Far East told by Odds Bodkin on 12-string guitar, harp and piano. Includes The Blossom Tree from Tibet, The Missing Axe from China, The Crane Wife from Japan and The Runaway Horse from China.



Gentle Tales of Nature Collection for Ages 5 & Up

Five gentle nature tales from around the world. Includes The Evergreens, The African Tree's Name, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky, The Lion Makers and The Wind and the Sun.



The Little Proto Trilogy I, II & III

The complete Little Proto Trilogy: The Adventures of Little Proto, Little Proto's T-Rex Adventure and Little Proto and the Volcano's Fire. Three musical adventure stories with 12 original songs.




The Odyssey Collection I, II, III & IV


Odds Bodkin's epic telling of Homer's great classic is four hours of mythic adventure, monsters and magic. Told live in the studio without scripts or multi-tracking and scored live with 12-string guitar and Celtic harp, The Odyssey features 37 characters, vocal effects and narrative. 8-year-olds through adults will enjoy this unique contribution to the storyteller's art. Journey with iron-willed Odysseus in his ten year struggle to return to his wife and son from a war he tried to avoid. Listen how despite storms, cyclopses, cannibals, angry gods and jealous enchantresses, he finally arrives home.

Winner of The Oppenheim Platinum Award for Best Audio.

Winner of The Education Source Top Ten Award


AGES 10 & UP

Wise Girl Collection I, II & III

Get all 3 Wise Girl stories in a single collection and save!


The Teacup Fairy Collection I, II, III, & IV

Get The Teacup Fairy Collection and save. These Very Old Tales for Very Young Children include The Little Shepherd; Theft of Fire; The Fox and the Cat; and The Monkeys and the Moon.


THE MYTH OF HERCULES: Rage, Labors and Forgiveness

Trapped in the Underworld after his untimely death, the hero Hercules has a choice. Either tell his life story to Hades and his reluctant wife, Persephone, who longs for stories, or remain here and never ascend to Mount Olympus. Powerless despite his strength, he agrees and begins this 100 minute epic story. He recounts his youthful bullying and the madness that drove him to murder his young family. Cast out of society, he learns that to be free of his guilt he must perform 12 impossible Labors. Killing the Nemean Lion and the Hydra. Driving off Birds of Brass. Cleaning vast stables in one day. Capturing man-eating mares. Slogging through victories and humiliations.

With character voices for Hercules, Hades, Persephone and many others, vocal effects for imagery and a score on 12-string guitar, Odds Bodkin delivers a powerful anti-bullying message in this national award-winning entertainment.


AGES 12 & UP

DAVID AND GOLIATH: The Harper and the King

Alone in the hills, a shepherd boy named David dreams up poems to God, which will someday become the Psalms. In the Valley of Elah, a war of survival reaches stalemate and King Saul is mad with fear that God has abandoned him. Meanwhile, the Philistine king has convinced his prized freak, Goliath, to step forth and challenge the Jews to single combat.

"With nothing more than his guitar and voice, Odds Bodkin manages to paint a scene more captivating than much of what you see on the big screen." --Detroit Jewish News

WINNER: Parents' Choice Gold Award, Storytelling World Award, Dove Foundation Award



The Hidden Grail

King Arthur doesn't know him. No one at Camelot does. The boy doesn't know his own name and dresses like a clown. Yet his destiny is to become a famous knight, find the Grail and make the Wasteland bloom. Humor, adventure and myth combine in this coming of age story. Scored with 12-string guitar and Celtic harp.

Winner of the Indie Award for Children's Storytelling and Publishers' Weekly's Listen Up Award for Best Audio.

"one of the best kids' spoken-word recordings we've heard."--Billboard Magazine





The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature, the complete Odyssey: An Epic Telling, The Little Proto Trilogy, the Holiday Tales Collection, the Blossom Tree Collection, David and Goliath, the Wise Girl Collection, the Teacup Fairy Collection, the Giant’s Cauldron: Viking Myths of Adventure Collection, the Paul Bunyan Tall Tales Collection, The Myth of Hercules, The Hidden Grail, the Stories of Love Collection and the Funny Folktales from Everywhere Collection.

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  1. norman.chiang (verified owner)

    Odds’ storytelling – including sound effects, voice, music, pacing, wit and style – is both versatile and relevant. It is a talent that needs witnessing and preservation.

    All the stories I’ve so far listen to have been precise and polished, a cut above anything else I’ve seen from others at live shows and readings. Odds is a true artist, who understands the weight of virtue and fiction. A true role model for the ages.

    This is one of the best (if not the best purchases/investments) I’ve made all year. I’m excited to share it with my family. At $99, this is really quite a steal … given The Odyssey alone is worth as much. (Not to mention, other such amazing series in this collection – Hercules, The Hidden Grail, etc…)

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