THE ODYSSEY: BELLY OF THE BEAST on YouTube Live Jan. 30 at 7 pm EST–Rescheduled from Jan. 16

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01-30-2022 @ 7pm

$25 - $30 (with Backstage Pass)
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Dawn light shines dimly through the slats of the Trojan Horse as Odysseus reflects on his ten wasted years fighting at Troy. He misses his wife and son, not to mention the fallen heroes of The Iliad. If this trick works, however, the Trojans themselves will pull him and his squad of men into the walled city. The war will end, and he’ll be able to go home. Little does he know, the Fates won’t let him free so easily. He’s about to embark upon the ten-year journey that bears his name.

So begins Odds Bodkin’s 70-minute tour de force telling of Homer’s classic tale. The language is modern, the full score on 12-string guitar works like movie music, and characters come to life with dramatic voices. Odysseus, his men, the Lotus Eaters, and eventually, the deadly Cyclops roaring in his cave.

Odds Bodkin has performed this tale Off-Broadway at Lincoln Center, at Harvard, Dartmouth, yearly at Loyola, in Great Britain and before live adult audiences in Cambridge, MA. Join him for his special brand of cinematic storytelling during this YouTube Live broadcast, hosted by Six Feet Apart Productions.

“a consummate storyteller” – The New York Times
“a modern-day Orpheus” – Billboard

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