THE HARVEST: Stories of Thanksgiving in Plainfield, NH

Dates & Times
11-17-2017 @ 6pm

Free to the Public

• A poor Swedish farmer inherits a farm that has not produced food for one hundred years. Why is it so unlucky? Why won’t crops grow? The good farmer doesn’t discover his farm’s secret until he meets a curious being who lives beneath his cowshed.

• Kaddo discovers how to grow more millet than anyone in his village. Keeping the secret to himself, he amasses enough to build a wall of millet around his house and refuses to share with his fellow villagers. Will he let greed overcome him?

• Marie, a brave and curious little girl, goes into the garden in search of chicory at her mother’s request. Instead, she finds a giant cauliflower with a ladder beneath it that leads down into the earth. At the bottom, she discovers a magical world of kittens harvesting their garden. And so the tale begins, one filled with audience questions about delicious vegetables, laughter and song.

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