SHE’S CLEVER, THAT ONE: Fairy Tales for Smart Girls. A Live ZOOM Show

Dates & Times
03-07-2021 @ 5pm

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, join Odds in this live online event as he tells his funniest, most clever fairy tales for and about girls.

Will Vasilisa outwit the all-powerful Tsar at his own riddles? Can Prezzemolina escape the wicked fairies and bring back Handsome Jack’s box? Will Kelsa spin a dungeon full of flax before she loses her head? And what is at the bottom of Marie’s ladder going down into the earth?

From around the world come his four classic stories. The Wise Little Girl, a tale from Russia. Prezzemolina, an astonishing yarn from Italy. The Three Spinning Fairies, a Grimm’s favorite with a refusal-to-be-bored message. And Tale of the Kittens, a sing-along story with a song you and your kids will never, ever forget.

From Odds Bodikin’s state-of-the-art Zoom studio he tells these tales with voices, sounds and lively music on 12-string guitars and Celtic harp.

Gather the whole family for the finest in live storytelling. Moms and dads will love it, too. Even little brothers will uncross their arms and sing along in the end!

Odds appears full-screen during the show. Your ticket buys your Zoom meeting invitation and password.

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