ODIN AND THOR BATTLE THE FROST GIANTS/Adult Storytelling in Cambridge

Dates & Times
01-06-2019 @ 5pm

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Two epic Viking myths wrapped in little-known lore (Thursday is Thor’s Day; Wednesday is Wotan’s Day) told by Master Storyteller and Musician Odds Bodkin. First, a tale of magic and illusion as Thor and Loki journey to Utgard, capital city of their enemies, the Frost Giants. Then, the Mead of Poetry, the long tale of Odin’s search for the blood of his best friend who’s been murdered, his blood brewed into a wisdom-bestowing elixir. Told with 12-string guitar scores and Celtic harp musings, with character voices and vocal effects.

An adult storytelling performance.

Feast on Viking foodstuffs and strong spirits served by the staff at Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

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