ODIN AND THOR BATTLE THE FROST GIANTS Adult Storytelling at Zinger’s, Milford NH

Dates & Times
01-17-2020 @ 7pm

$15 in advance, $20 at the door
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With live music, characters and vocal effects, Master Storyteller and Musician Odds Bodkin tells two epic Viking myths wrapped in little-known Viking lore (Did you know that Thursday is Thor’s Day and Wednesday is Wotan’s Day?).

First Odds offers background lore accompanied with Celtic harp. When did the Vikings travel and what was their mythic worldview? Why did they believe that Yggdrasil, the World Ash tree, held up the Nine Worlds of their cosmos? Learn how Viking travels during the Medieval Warm Period ended up naming Russia itself.

Then, accompanied by thunderous 12-string guitar, a tale of magic and illusion unfolds as Thor and Loki journey to Utgard, capital city of their enemies, the Frost Giants. At first they are confident, but all is not as it seems. A tale filled with both humor and adventure, with a stunning surprise ending.

After intermission, Odds offers more lore, and then performs The Mead of Poetry, the long tale of Odin’s search for the blood of his murdered best friend. Evil dwarves have brewed Kvasir’s blood into a wisdom-bestowing elixir, but already it has changed hands. Told with a haunting 12-string guitar score and wild sound effects, not to mention the voices of numerous giants, this story is filled with intrigue, seduction, betrayal and murder.

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