ODIN AND THOR BATTLE THE FROST GIANTS: Adult Storytelling at Grendel’s Den

Dates & Times
03-08-2020 @ 5pm

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Odds Bodkin returns to Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square to perform ODIN AND THOR BATTLE THE FROST GIANTS, his evening of Viking lore told with Celtic harp followed by two Viking myths, THOR’S JOURNEY TO UTGARD and THE MEAD OF POETRY. Each long tale is scored with a different 12-string guitar. Voices for Thor, Loki and Odin, along with a host of giants, dwarves and other curious characters bring these Norse myths to life. At times humorous, at times horrific, these stories are some of Odds’ best.

Come feast on Viking food and drink, and then settle in for a evening of the Mind’s Eye.

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