HEARTPOUNDERS: Halloween Tales of Horror/Recording Event!

Dates & Times
10-28-2018 @ 5pm

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Be part of a live recording event with Odds Bodkin at Grendel’s Den in Cambridge, MA on October 28, 2018 at 5 p.m. Stories include The Panther Boys, The Storm Breeder, The Goat-Horned Priest, The Phantom Train of Marshall’s Pass and The Girl Who Danced with the Devil. Instrumentation includes 12-string guitars, 6-string guitar, Celtic harp and alto recorder.

First, The Storm Breeder, performed on 12-string guitar. This American Colonial tale thunders to life in a fierce storm as a Boston Brahmin with a bad temper challenges the powers of heaven and hell. He loses and becomes a wraith of the roads, eternally chased by storms. Next, on Celtic harp, The Girl Who Danced with the Devil tells of how young Rose dances past midnight and Satan arrives to charm her as he sucks out her soul. After intermission, Odds picks up his alto recorder and plays Chinese motifs to underscore The Panther Boys, a terrifying tale of lycanthropy from Confucian China. Next, The Goat-Horned Priest, a Russian serf tale about a man’s frozen wife and a cruel priest who, to trick the old widower out of gold, dons the bloody skin and horns of a goat and rises at the old man’s window. The ruse works, but there’s a problem with the skin. Finally, on 6-string guitar, Odds tells the tale of a train engineer in the Rockies with a dark, murderous secret, and how the ghosts he left behind finally catch up with him one terrifying night.

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