Myth Makers: Learn Storytelling with Odds Bodkin

Dates & Times
01-24-2021 @ 3pm

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Ever wanted to tell a story to your child or grandchild? An original tale from your heart? Or a personal story? Then join others on Zoom with storyteller and author Odds Bodkin for a live Myth Makers Workshop. Spend some time with a “consummate storyteller” (The New York Times), meet very nice people and learn a new life skill.

3:30-5:00 pm, Waiting Room opens at 3:00 pm

Hear Odds tell a story with voices and music, and then lie on the carpet at home as with live guitar and voice he delicately opens your mind’s eye into the Five Sensory Imaginations.

Then return to your Zoom screen for conversation with the group. What did you see, hear or feel during the experiment? Learn which of your imaginations is the strongest. You’ll be amazed at what your mind can do.

Finally, to try out your new skills, we’ll join forces as first time myth makers to create an original story from thin air. As it hovers in the center of our creative conversation, an original fiction will take form. It is a thrilling and fun thing to experience.

Odds taught these same skills to adults for seven years at Antioch University New England and in workshops around the world.

You’ll emerge with a new inner entertainment that can lead you into writing children’s books, adult novels, poetry–any sort of fiction you choose. Or just spinning a yarn off the top of your head and trusting that your Five Imaginations, now that you know where they are, will provide.

It all comes from the Muse.

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