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10-18-2020 @ 5pm

$15 via EventBrite
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After exploring ancient Greek lore as he plays Celtic harp, Odds Bodkin picks up his 12-string guitar to perform HERCULES IN HELL. Was the Hercules of myth a kind do-gooder? Hardly. He was prone to madness, which made his strength a terrifying presence for those around him. Odds tells this feature-length tale using vivid character voices and vocal effects with an ongoing score. Hercules’ murders. His enslavement to his weak cousin. His Twelve Labors. His years living as a woman. His final redemption. It’s all here in this magnificent tale originally commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Zoom performance features HD video and sound, and every screen is a front row seat. Bodkin has been called “a consummate storyteller” by The New York Times and “a modern-day Orpheus” by Billboard.

Tickets are $15.

This performance is sponsored by Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square.

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