INDIA’S ANCIENTS: Tales from The Mahabharata and Beyond/Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square

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04-09-2017 @ 8pm

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King Yudisthira’s time to die has come, but his brothers and wife won’t let him journey to Mt. Kailasa alone. When a stray dog insists on following them, the travelers don’t mind. Awaiting them, high in the snows, are the gates to the Celestial City, guarded by the God of a Thousand Eyes. But the journey proves to be terrifying, and one by one, Bhima, Arjuna and even Draupadi perish on the road to the Silver Mountain. Only the King and the dog make it to the gates. What happens next is one of the most mind-blowing endings to any story Odds Bodkin knows.

He’ll tell Yudisthira at Heaven’s Gate from The Mahabharata and other unforgettable stories from India in this magical performance, self-accompanied with sitar-like music played on 12-string guitars, vocal effects and vivid character voices.

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