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06-25-2017 @ 7pm

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Killed by a love charm, Hercules is dead, but instead of awakening on Mt. Olympus as he was promised, he’s trapped in the Underworld with Hades and his reluctant queen, Persephone. She longs for news of the living and Hades demands that Hercules tell his life story in order to be freed. Forced to reflect on his murderous rages when young, the hero tells his own tale. Haunted by guilt after killing his wife and children, he’s given a path to redemption––a set of impossible labors. The Bull of Zeus. The Sacred Stag of Artemis. The Hydra. The Augean Stables. Twelve in all. But the tale doesn’t end there.

Odds Bodkin performs this award-winning story using vivid character voices, vocal effects and a full score on 12-string guitar. He opens with an introduction to Hercules’ place in Greek mythology on Celtic harp.

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