HEARTPOUNDERS: Halloween Tales of Horror…A Live Concert on Zoom

Dates & Times
10-29-2021 @ 7pm

$25 per screen
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Odds Bodkin Performs HEARTPOUNDERS: Halloween Tales of Horror on Friday, Oct. 29th at 7 pm EST on ZOOM

A Ticket @ $25 Buys Your Zoom Invitation and Password!

Over the years, countless listeners have requested Odds Bodkin’s classic recording of Dark Tales of the Supernatural, but it’s no longer available.

However you can see him LIVE on Zoom telling these bone-chilling tales with character voices, vocal effects and in-the-moment live acoustic music.

The Storm Breeder: An old New England legend of a cursed man eternally chased by thunderstorms, told with thundering 12-string guitar…The Girl Who Danced with the Devil, a French Canadian tale of a beautiful girl who dances a little too close to pure evil, told with Celtic harp…And a new horror tale from Samurai Japan, The Demon Heads, performed with modally tuned 12-string. Here’s the tale of a samurai turned Buddhist priest, who almost falls prey to forest demons who feed in a grotesque way. A chilling, utterly creepy tale, told with unnerving vocal sound effects.

Just log on, sit back, and watch the show on full screen! Includes a Q&A with the storyteller afterwards. Stay online and ask your questions in real time.

Definitely not recommended for young children. 10 and up are welcome.

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