FALL OF THE TITANS: Adult Storytelling at Grendel’s Den

Dates & Times
03-31-2019 @ 6pm

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If you love Greek mythology, this is where it all starts—with the Titans. With Gaia, the first of them all, who, with her sky-lover, spawns a crew of perfect giants who build the earth. The happy family falls apart, however, when Gaia gives birth to hideous monsters who threaten them all. Soon betrayal, castration and the strange births of hated grandchildren drive this epic tale, grandchildren who, it turns out in the end, are the Titans’ most dangerous enemy–the Gods of Olympus.

Join Master Storyteller and Musician Odds Bodkin as he presents Fall of the Titans, the epic core of myths first set down by the poet Hesiod in 700 B.C. Bodkin uses character voices, vocal effects and a full score on 12-string guitar to bring the tale to life. He introduces the tale while playing Celtic harp.

The performance contains violence and sexuality. No children please.

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