DARK TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL: All New Horror Tales/Outdoors at the Sweet Beet Market

Dates & Times
10-19-2018 @ 8pm

$13 in advance/$15 at the door
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Storyteller Odds Bodkin returns to the Sweet Beet Market in Bradford, NH for an outdoor performance of 4 new tales of horror for adults. No children please.

RAIN DATE: Saturday, Sept. 20th at 8:00 pm.

The Demon Heads
Lost in the forest, a former samurai, now a Shinto priest, is taken in by men and women living in a hut. After protectively praying half the night, he discovers his five hosts’ headless bodies outside in the moonlight. Seeing no signs of a struggle and no blood, he realizes that out in the darkness, the ravenous, flying heads of the rokuro-kubi are gnawing at worms and squirrels, and that unless he fights back, they will soon fight over the best pieces of him. Told with characters, absolutely disgusting vocal effects and music on 12-string guitar.

The Infallible Doctor
In this old Latvian tale, a man meets Death on the road and to be spared strikes a deal: Death wants to be his first-born son’s godfather, and the terrified man agrees. Years later, the gifted boy, now a doctor, is famous because only he can see Death at the foot of the bed if the patient is to die. But then a beautiful girl enters the picture and the infallible doctor is torn between his fame and ordinariness. Told with numerous characters, vocal effects and a score on Celtic harp.

Sedna the Ocean Mother
One of Odds Bodkin’s most nightmarish primitive myths, especially for women, this Inuit tale of starvation, forced marriage and ultimate betrayal to supernatural powers is more than unsettling. Driven by relentless themes of winds, waves and seabirds, both vocally and on 12-string guitar, this Eskimo origin tale’s characters are truly horrifying. The tale won Odds an adjunct professorship at Antioch University New England years ago, after being told to an adult audience.

The Phantom Train of Marshall’s Pass
A train engineer, thinking his guilty past remains his secret alone, takes the Number 9 up out of Denver to cross the Great Divide on the night run. But the snow is flying and the Colorado is at flood stage tonight, and a strange twisting feeling invades his back. He remembers all those people he killed back in Pennsylvania, drunk on the job and not paying attention at his train switch. Now, on this night of snow squalls and trestle washouts, they’re finally coming for him. Told by Odds with characters, sounds, and virtuoso flat-picking on Taylor 6-string guitar.

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