DANIKA THE ROSE: Odds Bodkin’s Fable set to Antonin Dvorak’s Moravian Duets/The Children’s Version

Dates & Times
10-05-2019 @ 1pm

Free to the Public

Mezzo-soprano Jazimina MacNeil and soprano Sarah Shafer join Odds Bodkin for an outreach performance of DANIKA THE ROSE: The Children’s Version.

Along with writing symphonies, composer Antonin Dvorak also wrote a set of Moravian Duets for female voices. Odds Bodkin’s original fairy tale, Danika the Rose, is crafted around story episodes suggested by Dvorak’s songs.

Odds tells the tale of lovely young Danika, a girl trapped between an evil duke’s desires and a faithful huntsman’s love. Weaving through the magic-filled tale are Dvorak’s classical duets sung by Jazimina MacNeil and Sarah Shafer, accompanied at the piano by Emely Phelps.

Produced by Electric Earth Concerts.

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