BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE at The Riverwalk Music Bar

Dates & Times
01-18-2019 @ 8pm

$12 in advance and $15 the door
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Odds Bodkin returns to the Riverwalk Music Bar in Nashua, NH for a Friday night performance of his blockbuster story, BEOWULF: The Only One. With an introduction to the 90-minute epic on Celtic harp, and the tale itself accompanied on 12-string guitar, Bodkin’s version of the oldest piece of literature in English tells the chilling, action-packed tale of the Viking hero, Beowulf. Humorous in places, grisly in others, the telling features character voices for Beowulf, Grendel the Beast, Grendel’s Mother, King Hrothgar of the Danes, Unferth the Doubter, Wyglaf the Thane, and others. Based on the original tale by an author lost to the mysteries of time.

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