BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE at Grendel’s Den in Cambridge MA

Dates & Times
02-04-2024 @ 5pm

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Called a “consummate storyteller” by the New York Times, Odds Bodkin returns to Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square to perform his full evening of adult storytelling entertainment, BEOWULF: THE ONLY ONE. The Old English epic is transformed into an accessible and gripping adventure as Bodkin plays virtuoso music on 12-string guitar while he tells this timeless adventure story. Character voices for Beowulf, Grendel the Beast, Hrothgar the Danish King, Unferth and many others bring this intense adult tale to life. No children under 12, please.

Odds Bodkin has returned to Grendel’s Den, an intimate venue, for 12 years in a row. Cambridge audiences enjoy his one-of-a-kind shows, so buy your tickets early. Drink mead and order Viking-inspired cuisine before the show, and then sit back for a wild evening of imagination entertainment.

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