Coming to YouTube Live: Odds Bodkin Performs THE ODYSSEY January 16th at 7 pm EST

Coming to YouTube Live on January 16th at 7 pm. Get tickets now for Odds Bodkin’s epic, THE ODYSSEY: BELLY OF THE BEAST.

Soaring, exciting music on 12-string guitar. A host of character voices, including Odysseus and the Cyclops. Amazing vocal effects of storm winds, sea birds and crashing stones.

Hosted by Six Feet Apart Productions, master talesman Odds Bodkin will spellbind you with his vivid storytelling during this Sunday performance.

Tickets: $25-$30. Assemble your family and friends for this “tour de force” (Dartmouth Classics Dept.) live performance by a “consummate storyteller” (The New York Times.).


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2 thoughts on “Coming to YouTube Live: Odds Bodkin Performs THE ODYSSEY January 16th at 7 pm EST

  1. We live in London, so this performance at 7pm would be at midnight for us. However I would love for my children to experience this telling of the Odyssey, which I still remember vividly from my childhood when he visited my school. Will the performance be recorded by any chance so we could view it at another time?

  2. Greetings, Odds Bodkin,
    We have never met, but I was “introduced” to you years ago by Chuck Larkin of Atlanta, who sang your praises to the heavens. And now, with your telling the story of the Odyssey, I plan to catch that presentation. My mother told me Odyssey stories before I was in school….which we both thought was only natural at the time. I didn’t know any better, and she enjoyed telling about Circe and Cyclops and all the other tales.
    I launched my own storytelling career in 1977, while living in Arizona. Following that, when we were in Atlanta, I helped launch the regional “Southern Order of Storytellers,” of which Chuck Larkin was our (ahem!) second treasurer (our first one lasted about 15 minutes, until we could boot him out of that job!)

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