A Supercontinent Led Me to this Ancient Greek Myth

Pangea—you’ve heard of it. The ancient supercontinent of the Late Triassic that slowly broke apart into the continents we have today. Geologists have successfully matched so many rock formations at the edges of so many modern continents that they’ve reverse-engineered the rock patchwork puzzle all the way back to Pangea, or “All Earth.”

A few hundred million years of continents drifting an inch a year.

While looking at reconstruction maps of these long-lost continents, I noticed that scientists had named the ancient oceans around them with names like the Rheic Ocean, the Iapetus Ocean and the Tethys Ocean.

Rhea. Iapetus. Tethys. These were names I’d not heard.

A little googling revealed that they were Titans from ancient Greek mythology, first named by a poet, Hesiod, around 700 B.C. in a work called Theogony, or “Birth of the Gods.”

A little unclear about who the Titans were exactly (other than evil giants in Hollywood movies) and what if anything they had to do with the Greek gods, I found a translation of Theogony and lo, realized I’d come upon the Greek genesis story, like Adam and Eve in the Bible.

The story of Gaia and her Titan children, the builders of the earth. At least in the Greek imagination.

Here, ten years later, Fall of the Titans is one of my favorite epic tales to perform. The character voices are wild. The scenes of origins are exciting and revelatory and fun to enact. And as always with my tales, I’ve composed a score for it on 12-string guitar.

Since it usually takes me ten years of telling such a story to be ready to record it, I’m ripe for the plucking now, and so will be recording Fall of the Titans live at Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square this coming Sunday, March 24th at 5 pm.

If you’d like to be part of this live recording event, grab a ticket and I’ll see you there!




Studies warn nowadays that increasing numbers of young kids are entering school without deep trust in an adult figure. Any adult figure. You can blame it on family breakup, drugs, poverty, or just frenetic modern life in general, I suppose, because even in affluent families, plenty of kids have to compete with their parents’ smartphones to get their attention.

Whatever the causes, Story Preservation Initiative (SPI) has decided that my audio stories for young kids might help by providing a consistent and trusted voice in their lives.

I’m honored and delighted to have my works viewed in this way, and to be part of a school-based program like SPI’s.




After the Holidays, A Time for Vikings!

On January 6th at 5 p.m. join Odds Bodkin at Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square for Odin and Thor Battle the Frost Giants, an adult storytelling.

Two wild Viking adventure myths scored on 12-string guitars, introduced with lore while Odds plays Celtic harp. A full evening of entertainment,humor and elemental imagination.

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The Dancing Plant/No Time-Lapse Required

The Dancing Plant/No Time-Lapse Required


If we sped time a thousand-fold,

Then spied on silent, leafy plants

Who stand stock-still above their roots,

We’d soon grasp how wildly alive

Our green-clad cousins are. They strive

And twist for space, wiggle their shoots

And whip their leaves like flagellants.

As noons fly past, like stories told.


I wrote those lines for The Water Mage’s Daughter (epic poem on Amazon) many years ago, and last night, for the first time, I saw this video. For this plant, time doesn’t need to be sped up. Just play it music and it moves! A true wonder.


You can learn more tree lore in Loveland, CO this late May.



Hi from Odds Bodkin.

Click the green video link to watch and hear a 12-string guitar theme from my musical story, Beowulf: The Only One. This theme is Hrothgar’s Mead Hall.

It’s music that conveys the Vikings’ joy before the darkness of Grendel appears.

There’s a live show coming up at Grendel’s Den in Cambridge, MA Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. Lots of fun. An adult storytelling.

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Love, ‘tis a weed lest it’s an oak.

True love to the heart’s earth grapples slow,

While false love’s promise, quick to poke

Itself upward and spread its show,

Seldom finds the height time can bestow.


Instead it bursts its heated bloom

And starts to die,

Though it seem to grow

In passing clouds of sweet perfume…


So begins The Dame Ragnell, the astonishing love story between the most eligible

bachelor in King Arthur’s court and the ugliest woman in the world.


It’s one of two tales on STORIES OF LOVE. Listen, laugh and talk about it with someone you love.


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You’ll laugh in the beginning, but you’ll hear sobs from the audience at the end. Experience Beowulf: The Only One, Odds Bodkin’s masterful live telling of Beowulf with voices and 12-string guitar. A hero battles dark, terrifying monsters in an ancient Viking land.

“Deep, funny and brilliantly told…the quintessential telling…I am at the point where I cannot start it unless I have the time to finish it all.”   –Simon Brooks, author and storyteller


1 hr 21 minutes


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What happens when a waltzing girl begins to disappear before all the dancers’ eyes? Flickering in and out of existence? Does it have to do with the tall stranger who’s shown up at the dance, the one who declines to remove his gloves? The one whose horse stands outside with its hot hooves sinking through the steaming snow?

What happens when a banshee appears in a train’s smoke and chases another train? One filled with mothers, babies, cowboys and gold miners? On a day when the trestle up ahead across the Colorado River might be washed out?

And how much help does a naughty little boy who’s been cursed by a witch never to grow need to find a mysterious singing apple? Especially when it’s guarded by another witch who commands an army of horsemen?

Find out all this and more this coming Saturday afternoon at Warner Town Hall in Warner, NH at storyteller Odds Bodkin’s Halloween show, FUN SPOOKY TALES FOR YOUNG FAMILIES. Music on guitars and Celtic harp, fun character voices and wild sound effects bring these stories to life.

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