THE EPIC DRIVE now available at Odds Bodkin’s Shop!

18 full-length storytelling albums on a single flash drive, age-coded for young children through adults, Odds Bodkin’s EPIC DRIVE puts the master storyteller’s tales in the palm of your hand. Plus, the EPIC DRIVE includes Odds’ newest creation, Beowulf the Only One, recorded live on Harvard Square before an adult audience (1 hr 20 minutes).

Just plug it in and load these mp3s onto your device. Share them with friends. Enjoy masterful voice characterizations, original music and Odds Bodkin’s uncanny vocal effects. You’ll hear classic myths, fairy tales and folktales, plus original stories brought to life by an artist the New York Times calls “a consummate storyteller” and Wired Magazine calls “one of the great voices in American storytelling.”

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THE EPIC DRIVE now available at Odds Bodkin live shows

If you’re attending any of my live shows this weekend (The Odyssey at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA this Friday night or Odin and Thor Battle the Frost Giants at Grendel’s Den in Cambridge, MA this Sunday night) I’ll have something completely new for sale. The Epic Drive. Something for every storytelling fan in your life, from age four to forever.

Hope to see you there!

Soon this product will be available at my online shop as well.

An Elegant Last-Minute Gift

An elegant last-minute gift! Get storyteller Odds Bodkin’s $99 download All Collections Bundle (13 titles) between now and Christmas Day and we’ll send you a FREE gift card for $25, enough to buy his newest 2017 release Beowulf: The Only One. A $19.95 value FREE! Plus original music, like Christmas Morning.

Epics for adults. Stories for kids. The All Collections Bundle includes THE WINTER CHERRIES: HOLIDAY TALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Perfect for playing over the Holiday weekend.

Delivery at digital light-speed direct to your device!

Storyteller and Musician Odds Bodkin’s Holiday Download Sale!

“a consummate storyteller”––The New York Times

“a modern-day Orpheus”––Billboard


13 full-length storytelling mp3 albums ($173 value usually $99) now only $74.95! A Limited Holiday Offer! Save $98!

Take your family on a tour of Western Civilization’s finest myths and legends (and a few from Southwest Asia and the Far East) told with live acoustic music and character voices.

A digital gift that entertains listeners from ages four to forever.

Listen to samples at Odds Bodkin’s Shop. Purchase your favorites now, create an account and download any time!

AGES 3-6

The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature

The Teacup Fairy: Very Old Tales for Very Young Children

The Little Proto Dinosaur Trilogy (3 hrs)

Rip Roarin’ Paul Bunyan Tales

With a Twinkle in Your Eye: Funny Folktales from Everywhere

Ages 7-9

The Winter Cherries: Holiday Tales of Giving

The Wise Little Girl: Tales for Strong, Smart Girls

The Blossom Tree: Tales from the Far East

Ages 10-Adult

The Hidden Grail: Sir Percival and the Fisher King

The Odyssey: An Epic Telling

David and Goliath: The Harper and the King

The Myth of Hercules

Giant’s Cauldron: Viking Myths of Adventure

Stories of Love


Happy Holidays from Odds Bodkin’s Shop. Get 16 HOURS of classic storytelling mp3s today! Makes an awesome Holiday gift for kids, teens and adults! Myths, legends, original tales––all filled with acoustic music, vocal effects and amazing characters. Includes Bodkin’s 4-hour epic telling of The Odyssey.

All Collections + Bundle

“One of the great voices in American storytelling”–Wired Magazine

Let’s say you want to give the gift of story audios from an artist who Wired calls “one of the great voices in American storytelling” and Billboard calls “a modern-day Orpheus.”

We, the dedicated gnomes at Odds Bodkin’s Shop, want you to know about Magic Coins.

Just like the enchanted bag that creates gold, our Magic Coins give you a little extra enchanted buying power.


$9.99 becomes $11.00!

$19.99 becomes $23.00!

$49.99 becomes $60.00!

$99.99 becomes $125.00!


It’s magic!

And we never forget how much remains in your loved one’s bag of Magic Coins if they haven’t spent them all. So if they download The Odyssey and like it and you’ve bought $49.99 worth of Magic Coins for them, they’ve still got $10 to spend on story collections or Odds Bodkin’s original music!

Just let us know what you’d like us to say. Along with your Magic Coins, we’ll add a personal message from you.

Happy Holidays from the Gnomes at Odds Bodkin’s Shop!




An Old Storytelling Cassette for $978.00? What In the World Is That About?

When I first got into the storytelling business and began to sell audios long ago, I first made them in Mil’s and my summer camp lodging in a trailer back by the cemetery. Using an Akai boom box that could duplicate cassettes, I’d load the master on the right and load a blank cassette on the left, then hit “duplicate.” I designed labels and glued them on myself, then sold those storytelling cassettes to families.

After the numbers we were selling became too great, I made new recordings of new stories and contracted with mass duplicators in Boston to make bunches of cassettes. We sold thousands of them to discerning parents, through national catalogs and bookstores. Next came CDs. Same thing. Boxes and boxes, stored in warehouses and mailed all over the world. Finally, as CDs were drowned in the rather unhealthy digital floodwaters we all swim in now, we dropped physical products and went to downloads.

But those old products never completely disappeared, it seems. Today––and you may not believe this but it’s true––you can go on Amazon and buy my old Odds Bodkin cassettes in original mint-condition for a mere $978.00 apiece, still in their colorful boxes.

For better or worse, it seems I have become collectible.

You can also go on Spotify and who knows where else and download pirated versions of my storytellings, some put there by supposedly reputable companies that I won’t name in this post.

All this is to say as the Holiday giving season approaches that the only legitimate place you can purchase my storytelling recordings nowadays as mp3s is directly from me at My stories are not streamed legitimately anywhere, except at Tales2Go. Some of my children’s books are still available from publishers like Harcourt/Brace, Little Brown and Houghton. I don’t have a problem with them selling them at all.

Drawing on ancient myths and stories that have nothing to do with today’s woes and forms of popular music, the tales are designed to be timeless. So you can either pay $978 for one title on Amazon or eBay and never open it, hoping it gains value as a collector’s item, or you can download the same thing at my shop for $5.95 and enjoy listening to it. You might not get the colorful cardboard packaging or the shrink wrap, but at least I’ll see the $5.95. And you and your kids get to listen to the stories.

Happy Holidays,

Odds Bodkin


The RENOWNED $99 ODDS BODKIN download (Ages Four to Forever) ON SALE NOW for $74.99 (save $100!)


The Odyssey

Viking Myths

The Wise Little Girl

David and Goliath

Funny Folktales from Everywhere

Gentle Tales of Nature

The Myth of Hercules

The Teacup Fairy

Paul Bunyan Tales…


and many more. 16 HOURS OF VIVID STORYTELLING for kids, teens and adults. Buy now, download any time over the Holidays!

“No blades will kill it. Iron. Bronze. Silver. Gold. We have tried them all. If you wish to kill Grendel, you must do it with your hands.”

As Beowulf stands before him, King Hrothgar further describes the giant man-devouring beast that kills his people every night. Stunned, a thane whispers, “Beowulf. No blades? Then how…”

“Shhh,” Beowulf replies in low tones. “Fate often saves an undoomed man if his courage holds.”

Beowulf: The Only One is an hour and twenty minutes long. Unlike movies about Beowulf, this storyteller’s version honors the original classic tale. Shot through with surging 12-string guitar music mapped precisely onto the story’s battle action in real time, it’s Odds Bodkin’s latest spoken-word tale. The character voices created by this master storyteller bring you close to every hope and fear.

Experience it today. Grab the download here and enter the dark, windy world of the Vikings.

Or get it as part of the Mythic Adventure Collection of Odds Bodkin’s epics along with The Odyssey, The Myth of Hercules, David and Goliath, The Hidden Grail and Viking Myths. Save over $50 on hours of imagination entertainment for teens and adults.

Listening samples for every tale.