A Week from Tomorrow: Odds Bodkin’s Myth Makers Virtual Workshop for Adults

Take your mind off today’s madness for an hour and a half next Sunday. Learn to imagine vividly and tell stories. At the very center of this live experience is what Odds calls “a cognitive experiment.” It’s a guided meditation that slips from memory subtly into imagination. Afterwards, participants have reported feeling their real pupils contract in the presence of an imaginary light. Others have tasted impossible flavors. Others have felt their bodies change. That’s because they are experiencing their Muse–the creative part of us that knows no boundaries. The part of us that comes to life when we dream. Our Inner Storyteller.

Myth Makers: A Live Virtual Event

Learn Storytelling with Odds Bodkin

Sunday, Jan. 24th from 3:30 to 5 pm, EST on Zoom

Tickets: $50


Odds Bodkin Storytelling Workshop on Jan. 24. Learn A Lot in 90 Minutes.

Ever wanted to tell a fairy tale to your child or grandchild? Or a personal story from your life?  All you need are your Five Imaginations, and Odds Bodkin can show you how to find them. Just join him for a 90-minute Myth Makers workshop on Zoom.

When: Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021 from 3:30 – 5:00 pm EST
Where: The Privacy of your Home over ZOOM
*The $50 fee Includes Your Zoom Invitation and a PDF Workbook
A Workshop for Beginners

Odds tells a brief story with voices and music, and then invites you into The Bird in the Golden Cage, a mental exercise that uses his voice and music to tease forth your Five Imaginations, each linked to one of your senses.

Then, in Zoom gallery mode, we ask what you saw, heard or felt, even tasted during the experiment. Which of your imaginations is the strongest? How does memory play a role in creating mental imagery—the key to telling stories?

Finally, to try out your new skills, we’ll join forces as first time myth makers to create an original story.  Odds will reveal some of his mastered techniques here and share opportunities where each participant can grow their storytelling skills.
For seven years, Odds taught these same skills to adult graduate students at Antioch University New England, and afterwards to groups around the worldJoin us and learn a unique skill on Sunday, January 24th at 3:30 pm!

Tchaikovsky in the Pandemic

I just finished listening to Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto #1 in my kitchen, while recovering from a day of hard physical work cleaning out my garage and carting off the last leaves of autumn here in New Hampshire. In my town of Bradford, if you don’t turn on your front porch light this Halloween, trick or treaters will not ring your doorbell. We’re doing that this year, Mil and I. We’re going to light the wood stoves and lay low. Just today I put on and took off my mask numerous times, a task almost as tiring as taking moldy old sleeping bags to the dump.

A young woman (violinist Alena Baeva) was the soloist for the concerto, and she was note perfect and found yet a few new subtleties in performing this beloved and well-worn piece.

Of course, this was a pre-Covid performance. It was a scene of happy aesthetes assembled together in a concert hall somewhere, put up on YouTube. No masks. Everyone breathing the collective air normally. A roaring applause at the end, everyone standing up in joy, just having been transported.

All this will come back. It really will. We just have to hang in there a little while longer.

That’s because our beloved scientists have almost figured out the bioinformatics on this virus. Just as breathlessly as I listened to this concerto, I await that day. It’s just around the corner.

—Odds Bodkin

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“I’m so thrilled to have found your website and eagerly await reconnecting with your peerless storytelling.

Some thirty years ago I lived in New Hampshire, where my two young sons and I frequently caught your act. Cassette recordings also entertained us on our twice annual car treks to visit family in Ohio.

Now the boys are grown and living on opposite coasts while their parents have settled in Kentucky. Anticipating grandchildren and, thanks to the pandemic, more long drives to visit family, I went in search of an old favorite road companion. It feels like going home.

Thanks for all you do.”

–A Recent Customer

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Being an Ugly Ogre for the Sake of Love

I came across this photo of me from a recent Facebook Live show and had to laugh. “Man, I can be ugly when I want to be,” I thought. “What story was this?”

Somebody out there captured a screen shot and posted it.

Just this morning I took another look at it. Ah ha, I realized, it’s the ogre from The Little Shepherd! The one who sings badly and who, near the story’s end, picks up Lovely Bargaglina and drops her into the well. You can’t see her in this photo, because she’s imaginary. Still, there she is, helpless in the ogre’s grip.

I’d never seen myself do this onscreen. Talk about ugly. Still, it’s all done to becharm little children for the sake of love. So why not?