Odds Bodkin Storytelling is a Family Tradition. Hear Him Live December 17th on Zoom!

Odds Bodkin Storytelling is a Family Tradition. Hear Him Live December 17th on Zoom.

“When I asked the family what they would like to listen to this season, my husband and kids (now teenagers) asked if we could listen to Odds Bodkin stories again.”

Warm Thanks,

Nuki Vaillancourt

November 2021

Join Master Storyteller and Musician on Friday, Dec. 17th at 7 pm EST for an hour of warm-hearted storytelling with live music on 12-string guitars and Celtic harp.

Tickets: $25 per screen.

“Ask Uther Pendragon for a Boon” She Says

“Ask Uther Pendragon for a Boon,” she says. Dame Claris knows her husband saved the High King’s life long ago. Why not journey to Cardiff Castle on Christmas Eve to ask for a boon? Both she and Sir Cleges are now impoverished, having been too generous to the peasants over the years.

But Cleges doesn’t want to go, that is until a dead cherry tree miraculously blooms in a snowstorm and produces something unheard of—-bright fresh red cherries in December. Now here’s a gift fit for a king, so Sir Cleges heads out on foot with a basket full of them.

But knaves guard the castle’s doors, and each of the three demands a third of whatever the king gives the old knight, who is disguised as a farmer. Just to get in to see the king, Cleges agrees.

What he requests for his boon is part of the hilarious and warm ending to The Winter Cherries, an Arthurian tale, one of three Holiday tales Odds Bodkin will perform live over Zoom this coming Friday, December 17th at 7 pm.

Each tale is told with live acoustic music, characters and vocal effects.

“a consummate storyteller”–The New York Times

Gather the family to watch these loving Holiday stories, up close and on full-screen!

Tickets are $25 per screen. Purchase yours today!




Odds Bodkin’s Holiday Tales on Zoom Dec. 17th! Tickets on Sale!

Save Friday, December 17th at 7 pm EST for Odds Bodkin’s magical Holiday Tales storytelling show on Zoom. Gather the family and join this master storyteller as he performs stories with live music on two 12-string guitars and his Celtic harp. An hour-long full-screen performance followed by a chat with the storyteller.

Hear a tale from Arthurian England.

A Chanukah story.

And a German folktale based on Odds Bodkin’s picture book, The Christmas Spiders, with a beautiful song the whole family can sing!


Tickets $25