Odds Bodkin tells stories with character voices, live music, humor and lots of love. If you want to enrich and entertain your kids while building their imaginations and ethics, here’s a great gift idea: the MASTER DRIVE.

Buy it, plug the USB in and scroll through the 22 age-coded albums. Load the appropriate titles onto your kids’ devices and watch them grow quiet, deep in a world of fascination.

“a consummate storyteller”–The New York Times



– The Odyssey: An Epic Telling (4 hrs)

– The Teacup Fairy: Very Old Tales for Very Young Children (43 mins)

– The Evergreens: Gentle Tales of Nature (40 mins)

– With Twinkle in your Eye: Funny Folktales from Everywhere (43 mins)

– Rip Roarin’ Paul Bunyan Tales (44 mins)

– The Winter Cherries: Holiday Tales from Around the World (1 hr 6 mins)               

– The Blossom Tree: Tales from the Far East (56 mins)

– The Wise Little Girl: Tales of Strong, Smart Girls (47 mins)

– Giant’s Cauldron: Viking Myths of Adventure (1 hr 7 mins)

– Stories of Love (1 hr 4 mins)

– Dark Tales of the Supernatural (1 hr 48 mins)

– Voyage of the Waistgold (Ages 18+) (2 hrs 44 mins)

– The Rage of Hercules (1 hr 40 mins)

– The Old Man Speaks: A White Mountains History (1 hr 11 mins)

– The Adventures of Little Proto (52 mins)

– Little Proto’s T-Rex Adventure (1 hr 13 mins)

– Little Proto and the Volcano’s Fire (1 hr 13 mins)

– Earthstone: The Eco-Musical (2 hrs)

– The Hidden Grail: Sir Percival and the Fisher King (1.5 hrs)

– David and Goliath: The Harper and the King (1 hr)

– Beowulf: The Only One (Live at Grendel’s Den) (1 hr 21 mins)

– Odin and Thor Battle the Frost Giants (Live at Grendel’s Den) (80 mins)


The Iliad: Book I (50-minute video)


Original Musical Compositions on Acoustic Instruments and Kurzweil synthesizer:

Rapunzel’s Window

At Beauty’s Door

Black Irish

Soft-Hearted Men in the Good Old USA

Little Paws

Christmas Morning

The Great Irish Elk




THE OLD MAN SPEAKS: A Storyteller’s History of the White Mountains

$24.95 Download


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Original acoustic music written and performed by Odds Bodkin.

71 minutes

112 mb

©2022 Odds Bodkin All Rights Reserved

NEW RELEASE! ODIN AND THOR: Norse Myths Told Live by Odds Bodkin

NEW RELEASE! ODIN AND THOR: Norse Myths Told Live by Odds Bodkin

Get ready for two GIANT Norse myths–a full 80-minute show captured live at Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square–told with stunning music by master storyteller Odds Bodkin. The audience was brilliant that night. They even learned and sang an original song in one of the tales!

THOR’S JOURNEY TO UTGARD and THE MEAD OF POETRY pulse with humor, wickedness, murder and magic. After all, they’re Viking tales. Odds’ character voices for gods and giants leap to life in a bed of 12-string guitar music and vocal sound effects. Two new movies for the mind’s eye.

A great holiday gift for the myth lover in your family! Safe for kids ten and up.

$19.95. Download yours today!



Simple, beautiful spoken-word stories from peoples around the world, all told with original, culturally flavored acoustic music.

Storyteller Odds Bodkin’s classic audio stories. A mentally healthy, simple gift for your kids so that they can understand the wisdom literature of other people.

Age coded for appropriate listening for ages 4 to forever.

THE EPIC DRIVE: 19 full-length storytelling albums.

Plug it in. Transfer files to music software. Start to listen.

“a consummate storyteller”—The New York Times

Odds Bodkin’s Collected Works–THE MASTER DRIVE

Odds Bodkin’s Collected Works–THE MASTER DRIVE–plugs into your USB port. Suddenly you have The Odyssey (all four hours), children’s stories from around the world, The Little Proto Trilogy of dinosaur tales for kids–hours and hours of tales told with music. Plus The Water Mage’s Daughter, Mr. Bodkin’s original 550-page epic  poem. And many more full-length storytelling albums.

Some tales are joyous and funny, others are adventures, but all are age-coded for safe listening by your family. Share these mp3s with their listening devices and watch their imaginations grow!

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Invest in a Family Listening Tradition: Give the Gift of Imagination

Invest in a Family Listening Tradition: Give the Gift of Imagination!

Here are 4 Great Ways to Get Odds Bodkin’s Award-Winning Story Collections for the Holidays! One of them features instant digital delivery!

Parents’ Choice Gold Award. The Indie Award. The Oppenheim Platinum Award. Storytelling World Award. The Dove Award. Publishers Weekly’s “Listen Up” Award.


“a consummate storyteller” — The New York Times

The Master Drive and The Epic Drive ship with complimentary Odyssey Adventure Maps autographed by Odds Bodkin. A collector’s item.



“We are very happy to receive our epic drive stories. Our kids were raised on these stories since they were tots. Our family custom during the winter is to gather around a warm wood stove with a hot cup of latte and share time together listening to books and doing artful projects. When I asked the family what they would like to listen to this season, my husband and kids (now teenagers) asked if we could listen to Odds Bodkin stories again. So, thanks for all the years of good story telling! We will enjoy hearing it all again.”

Warm Thanks,

Nuki Vaillancourt

November 2021

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What Can You Buy For An Entire Family?

What can you buy for an entire family? A gift that has intellectual and artistic gifts for your three-year-old all the way through your teens, and even for you adults?

Odds Bodkin’s MASTER DRIVE. It’s a 4-gig flash drive that contains the “consummate storyteller’s” (The New York Times) complete works, including his 550-page epic poem and original music. Every story is age-coded, so you’ll know which stories work for your kids. Over an almost 40-year career, this master storyteller has crafted a collection of audio tales which transport young listeners into their imaginations, and into mythic lore from around the world.

Buy it, plug it in to your USB port, and share the tales with your family. Send the mp3s to friends. If your computer has no USB capability, then download this bundle of tales. They’re the same stories.

Give the gift of imagination.

Odds Bodkin’s MASTER DRIVE. Or, for just for his award-winning audio tales, Odds Bodkin’s EPIC DRIVE.





It’s Not Too Late for Odds Bodkin Story Downloads

It’s Christmas Eve. Is it too late to buy a meaningful gift? No, not if you visit Odds Bodkin’s Shop and grab an All Collections + Bundle: all Bodkin’s audio tales for young children plus 3 long epics for older listeners and adults.

Download endless hours of classic listening in minutes.

Happy Holidays!



BEOWULF. Download Odds Bodkin’s Live Performance in Audio

Adult storytelling at its most extreme and beautiful.

amilolomy (verified owner)

This is the version that made me absolutely fall in love with the Beowulf story, and really understand why it has become such a classic piece of literature. There is such life and emotion in the way Bodkin tells it, that you just can’t get from reading it alone. He takes it from being a dry, unsentimental piece of curriculum and spins it into a deeply moving journey.

I always find myself crying by the end of it.

Buy Odds Bodkin’s telling of Beowulf here.