Performance Calendar

Interested in seeing Odds Bodkin perform live? The following is a list of upcoming performances - hope to see you in the crowd!

GOLDEN RULE RESIDENCY via ZOOM for Mastricola Elementary School

Performance Date: 04-14-2021 @ 09:00am

Location: Mastricola Elementary School, Merrimack NH

Odds Bodkin visits Mastricola Elementary School via ZOOM for 2 GOLDEN RULE performances with follow-up workshops for grades PreK-2 and 3-4. A full school day of exciting storytelling, music and conversation.

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GOLDEN RULE RESIDENCY via ZOOM for Mastricola Upper Elementary School

Performance Date: 04-21-2021 @ 09:00am

Location: Mastricola Upper Elementary School, Merrimack NH

Via Zoom, Odds Bodkin visits grades 5th and 6th graders at Mastricola Upper Elementary School in Merrimack New Hampshire, offering them two live storytelling performances, author discussions and follow-up workshops. A full day of storytelling, music and conversation.

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Performance Date: 04-22-2021 @ 09:00am

Location: Thorntons Ferry School, Merrimack NH

Odds Bodkin visits Thorntons Ferry School via ZOOM for a GOLDEN RULE performances with a follow-up workshop for grades K-2 and a FAIRY FOLKS AND OLD OAKS performance and workshop for grades 3-4. A full school day of exciting storytelling, music and conversation.

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StoryBlast Family Concert on Zoom for East Meadow Public Library

Performance Date: 04-27-2021 @ 7pm

Location: East Meadow Public Library, East Meadow NH

Odds Bodkin visits East Meadow Public Library in East Meadow, New York via Zoom for a family concert of music-filled stories.

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HERCULES: The Legendary Bully for Merrimack Middle School on ZOOM

Performance Date: 05-03-2021 @ 10:00am

Location: Merrimack Middle School, Merrimack NH

From his ZOOM studio, Odds Bodkin performs an hour-long version of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY BULLY, his version of the Greek myth of Hercules. Bodkin uses compelling character voices and a full score on 12-string guitar to bring this ancient myth to life.

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DANIKA THE ROSE with Jazimina MacNeil, Sarah Shafer and Jonathan Ware for the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

Performance Date: 05-23-2021 @ 3pm

Location: Benjamin Franklin Hall, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia PA

With mezzo soprano Jazimina MacNeil, soprano Sarah Shafer and pianist Jonathan Ware, Odds Bodkin visits Philadelphia to perform DANIKA THE ROSE, his original adult fairy tale set to Antonin Dvorak’s Moravian Duets.

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Wedding as Officiant

Performance Date: 07-10-2021 @ 11:59am

Location: The Fells, Newbury NH

As a Justice of the Peace, Odds Bodkin officiates a wedding.

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THE ODYSSEY: BELLY OF THE BEAST at Loyola University Maryland for Classics and Honors Students

Performance Date: 09-09-2021 @ 7pm

Location: Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore MD

For the 11th year in a row, Odds Bodkin returns to Loyola University Maryland to perform THE ODYSSEY: BELLY OF THE BEAST for an audience of Honors and Classics students plus faculty. 2020 necessitated a Zoom performance, but for 2021, the storyteller is live before his audience once again. The 70-minute show features characters, vocal effects, narration and a full score on 12-string guitar.

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Welcome to the performance calendar – here you can find a list of upcoming shows or down at the bottom, you can use the form to request a performance of your own! Please let us know if you have any questions; we’re happy to help!


Odds Bodkin offers school assemblies for K-3, 4-6, middle and high school audiences, all with compelling age-appropriate stories. To incorporate Door to Imagination workshops for students and staff, invite him for a 1, 3 or 5 day residency.


The Peabody-Essex Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Sackler Museum at Harvard, the Portland Art Museum and others have enhanced their exhibitions by inviting Mr. Bodkin to tell tales relevant to works on display. As a practicing mythologist, he tells tales from Japan, China, India, Tibet, ancient Greece, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa, Polynesia, South America, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ireland and England (Arthurian), not to mention Aesop’s Fables, American Tall Tales and ghost stories from New England.


Chautauqua in Boulder, CO, Lincoln Center Institute in New York, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State and others host Odds Bodkin shows for student groups and the public. From The Odyssey: Belly of the Beast to family StoryBlast! concerts where everybody sings together and brings down the house, Odds is a one-man show.


Year after year, Loyola University Maryland hosts The Odyssey or The Iliad: Book I for Classics and Honors students. For seven years in a row, St. Anselm College brought in the entire freshman class for The Iliad: Book I, their first humanities lecture. UC Boulder invites Odds and Naturalist Martin Ogle to team up for StoryEarth, a storytelling and multimedia presentation that explores big questions. University of New Hampshire students invite him to perform his version of Beowulf. Wharton School of Business hires him to tell The Odyssey. All know that Mr. Bodkin can compel university audiences in a way they love. He has also performed at Syracuse, Wofford College, Dartmouth, Colorado College, Boston University, Ohio Dominican University, Emerson College in Great Britain and others.

CONTACT: Mil Bodkin, Booking Agent

Phone: (603) 938-5120 or use the form to the left!